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  Avondale House and Forest Park  
(Wicklow, County Wicklow)
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"Historic Building"

Avondale House is located in a magnificent forest park near Rathdrum in County Wicklow. Build in 1777, this enticing Georgian house is ornated with beautiful plasterwork and original pieces of furniture belonging to the Parnell family. Highlights include Charles Stewart Parnell Museum and many scenic walking trails.

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Avondale House

Avondale House, in Avondale, County Wicklow, Ireland, is the birthplace and home of Charles Stewart Parnell one of the leading political leaders in Irish history. It is set in the Avondale Forest Park in over 2 km² of land, approximately 1.5 km from the nearby town of Rathdrum. The river Avonmore flows through the park on its way towards the Irish Sea. The House is now a museum.

The house is open to visitors, who are introduced to the house by an audio visual presentation. Other facilities include a restaurant, book shop, picnic areas, children's play area, two orienteering courses and large car/coach park. In the surrounding parkland are tree trails and walks ranging in duration from one to five hours.


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