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  Fort St George  
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
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"Wonderful Architecture"

A symbol of the earliest English rule in the subcontinent, the fortress is considered to be the first fortress built by the British in India. St. Mary’s Church located in the boundary of the fortress in the oldest Anglican church in the country. This magnificent structure has endured the test of times and still carries the essence of the splendour of the yesteryears. Another captivating structure is the remains of a 150-feet tall Flagstaff crafted entirely out of teakwood.

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Fort St. George, India

Fort St George is the name of the first English fortress in India, founded in 1644 at the coastal city of Madras, the modern city of Chennai. The construction of the fort provided the impetus for further settlements and trading activity, in what was originally an uninhabited land. Thus, it is a feasible contention to say that the city evolved around the fortress. The fort currently houses the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly and other official buildings. The fort is one of the 163 notified areas in the state of Tamil Nadu.


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