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  La Giralda  
(Sevilla, Andalucía)
Spain > Sevilla > Seville > La Giralda

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"Very Interesting "

Truly beautiful, grandiose architectural engineering that has stood the test of time. The history contained in this structure was overwhelming. I was whelmed times two! After our tour we retreated to one of the many restaurants, bars and shops across the street to reflect and discuss.

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The Giralda is the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral in Seville, Spain. It was originally built as a minaret during the Moorish period, with a Renaissance style top subsequently added by Spaniards. The Giralda was registered in 1987 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO along with the Alcazar and the General Archive of the Indies. The tower is 104.1 m in height and remains one of the most important symbols of the city, as it has been since medieval times.


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