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  San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park  
(San Francisco County, California)
United States of America > California > San Francisco > San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

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"A peek into the maritime history "

We loved everything about this historical place. This massive complex houses a museum, interactive and educative displays as well as ships that tell the story of sea travel from the past. This place is a must visit for every fan of Maritime history. If you're in San Francisco, we recommend you not to miss out on this place.

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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is located in San Francisco, California, United States. The park includes a fleet of historic vessels, a visitor center, a maritime museum, and a library/research facility. The park is sometimes referred to as the San Francisco Maritime Museum, its former 1951 name that changed in 1978 when the collections were acquired by the National Park Service. Today's San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park was authorized in 1988; the maritime museum is among the park's many cultural resources. The park also incorporates the Aquatic Park Historic District, bounded by Van Ness Avenue, Polk Street, and Hyde Street.


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