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  Yogachoeling Gompa  
(Darjeeling, West Bengal)
India > West Bengal > Yogachoeling Gompa

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"Buddhist Monastery"

Also known as the Ghoom Monastery, it is the most famous monastery in the region and belongs to the Yellow Hat Sect. The monastery is renowned for its 15-metre-high statue of the Maitreya Buddha (the Future Buddha). The monastery has some magnificent wall paintings and over 300 artistic Tibetan texts.

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Ghum Monastery

Ghum Monastery or Ghoom Monastery is the popular name of Yiga Choeling Monastery located at Ghum at an elevation of 8,000 feet, 8 km from Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal, India.

The monastery follows the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. There is a 15-feet high statue of "Maitreya Buddha" in the monastery. It contains images of Buddha’s disciples, Chenrezi and Chongapa.

It was built in 1875 by Lama Sherab Gyatso and is the largest of the three monasteries in Ghum.

Amongst the Buddhist texts available are the Kangyur, the Tibetan Buddhist canon, running into 108 volumes. The monks fly prayer flags in the Tibetan tradition.


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