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"Spectacular place to visit"

It is not a place to miss. There is so much to do and enjoy. Be mindful of the monkeys, though. The St Michael's caves and the WWII tunnels give this place a historical aura. The climb is worth the effort as the stunning and fascinating views welcome at the top.

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Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is a monolithic limestone promontory located in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, near the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is 426 m high. The Rock is Crown property of the United Kingdom, and borders Spain. Most of the Rock's upper area is covered by a nature reserve, which is home to around 300 Barbary macaques. These macaques, as well as a labyrinthine network of tunnels, attract a large number of tourists each year.

The Rock of Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules and was known to the Romans as Mons Calpe, the other pillar being Mons Abyla or Jebel Musa on the African side of the Strait. In ancient times, the two points marked the limit to the known world, a myth originally fostered by the Greeks and the Phoenicians.

Gibraltar is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and has no contact with the Atlantic Ocean.


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