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  Plaza Dorrego  
(Comuna 1, Buenos Aires)
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"Visit Plaza Dorrego on a Sunday and tango along! "

Their street fair, antique market and the street food along with tango makes it a perfect Sunday out. Just a word of warning, the street can get crowded and packed with residents and tourists alike. The streets are full of life, colours and talented dancers.

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Plaza Dorrego

Plaza Dorrego is a square located in the heart of San Telmo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the 19th century, San Telmo was the main residential barrio of the city and Plaza Dorrego was its focal point.

In the past it was referred to as Hueco del Alto or Alto de la carretas as it was the place where wagons would stop before crossing the Tercero del Sur stream on their way downtown. The name had been Alto de San Pedro and later changed to Plaza del Comercio in 1822. In 1905, the name was changed once again to its current form.

The buildings located in the square maintain its original design thanks to the help of the Comisión del Museo de la Ciudad.

Currently, its surroundings are full of cafes, bars and pubs, which fill the square with tables from those shops. There are also several antique stores. Musicians and dancers particularly tango exhibitions are seen. The Feria de San Telmo , mainly of antiques, runs every Sunday.

Plaza Dorrego is located at the intersection of Humberto Primero and Defensa streets. Along with La Boca, Recoleta, Florida Street, and others, Plaza Dorrego is one of the main tourist attractions of Buenos Aires.


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