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  Barrio Lastarria  
(Santiago, Región Metropolitana)
Chile > Región Metropolitana de Santiago > Santiago > Barrio Lastarria

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"An Historical Neighborhood "

I found a bohemian and quiet neighborhood. You have good restaurants, a record store and nearby is the Bellavista patio another super place. Notable improvement of the hotel and gastronomic offer as well as the sense of security. Also, you can park easily and cheaply. For a weekend morning, unmissable.

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Barrio Lastarria

Barrio Lastarria is an historical neighborhood in the center of Santiago, Chile. Now a popular tourist hub, Barrio Lastarria is a center for cultural activity, with cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants and bars. Activities such as festivals and live performances are commonly held throughout the streets of Lastarria given its strong cultural flavor, particularly in J.V. Lastarria street and Parque Forestal.

Barrio Lastarria is bordered by the Alameda and Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral to the south, Santa Lucía Hill to the west, Parque Forestal to the north and Plaza Baquedano to the east. Metro stations Universidad Católica and Bellas Artes provide direct access.


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