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  Parque Metropolitano de Santiago  
(Santiago, Región Metropolitana)
Chile > Región Metropolitana de Santiago > Santiago > Parque Metropolitano de Santiago

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"The Bigger the Park, the More the Fun"

When they say it is one of the LARGEST parks in the world, they were not kidding. Not only is it huge - it's got everything! The attractions are endless and there is so much to do. This was an ideal destination for me and my family and we'll be definitely returning to explore more.

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Santiago Metropolitan Park

The Santiago Metropolitan Park is an urban park located within the city of Santiago, capital of Chile. Consisting of the San Cristóbal, Chacarillas and Los Gemelos hills, and the areas of Tupahue, Lo Saldés, Pirámide and Bosque Santiago, the park is located between four communes of Santiago - Huechuraba, Providencia, Recoleta and Vitacura - and covers around 722 hectares, making it the largest urban park in Chile and one of the largest in the world.

The Santiago Metropolitan Park also maintains 16 Urban Parks distributed throughout 13 communes in Santiago, a total area of almost 150.1 hectares. The maintenance work is carried out through “Urban Parks’ Conservation, Maintenance and Safety” projects which involve cleaning, irrigation, replantation and management of vegetal species, maintenance of urban equipment, sanitation control, weed control, fertilization and safety among other activities.

The park was created in April 1966, when incorporating the Chilean National Zoo and the services of San Cristóbal Hill, and is managed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. In September, 2012, the Chilean government launched a plan to significantly refurbish and expand the park between 2012 and 2016, a plan which includes building new footpaths, planting 100,000 more trees and expanding the National Zoo.


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