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  Palacio Cousino  
(Santiago, Región Metropolitana)
Chile > Región Metropolitana de Santiago > Santiago > Palacio Cousino

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"Beautifully designed masterpiece "

This building is a complete masterpiece. The hand-carved furniture, self-embroidered curtains and fabrics and, the artistic use of marble and ceramics in the decoration of the mansion is all very wonderful to look at. It is the home of some of the most valuable artifacts and is open for the public to observe. Getting to admire each and every corner of the platform is the best part of the entire excursion.

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Palacio Cousiño

The Palacio Cousiño is a palace that was designed and built for Isidora Goyenechea, widow of Luis Cousiño, who in turn was son of Matías Cousiño. It is located at 438 Dieciocho Street in Santiago, Chile.

The palace was designed by architect Paul Lathoud, who also designed the building housing the Chilean National Museum of Natural History. The palace was constructed in Second Empire Style and completed in 1878.


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