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  Cave of Nerja  
(Málaga, Andalucía)
Spain > Málaga > Cave of Nerja

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"A journey through nature's wonders"

So this was one of our bucket list items during our travel here. A fascinating view and a tour of the cave will leave you mesmerized and wanting to know more about nature. The entry may cost you 10 EU per person and we have heard that the entries are free on Monday. These huge caves have history and geological importance to the place. We loved it!

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Caves of Nerja

The Caves of Nerja are a series of caverns close to the town of Nerja in the Province of Málaga, Spain. Stretching for almost 5 kilometres , the caverns are one of Spain's major tourist attractions. Concerts are regularly held in one of the chambers, which forms a natural amphitheatre.

The caves were re-discovered in modern times on 12 January 1959 by five friends, who entered through a narrow sinkhole known as "La Mina". This forms one of the two natural entrances to the cave system. A third entrance was created in 1960 to allow easy access for tourists. The cave is divided into two main parts known as Nerja I and Nerja II. Nerja I includes the Show Galleries which are open to the public, with relatively easy access via a flight of stairs and concreted pathways to allow tourists to move about in the cavern without difficulty. Nerja II, which is not open to the public, comprises the Upper Gallery discovered in 1960 and the New Gallery discovered in 1969.

In February 2012 it was announced that possibly Neanderthal cave paintings have been discovered in the Caves of Nerja.


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