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  Auguste Rodin - The Burghers of Calais  
(Santa Clara County, California)
United States of America > California > San Mateo > Auguste Rodin - The Burghers of Calais

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"An impressive sculpture! "

Rodin's statues is a group of 6 sculptures located outside the town hall. The garden in front is also well laid out. This is one of the prominent landmarks in the area which was created as a great testament to those brave men. If you are in this free to access area, stop by to click some pictures.

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The Burghers of Calais

Les Bourgeois de Calais is one of the most famous sculptures by Auguste Rodin. It commemorates an occurrence during the Hundred Years' War, when Calais, an important French port on the English Channel, was under siege by the English for over a year. Calais commissioned Rodin to create the sculpture in 1884, and the work was completed in 1889.


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