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  Punta Delgada  
(Biedma Department, Chubut Province)
Argentina > Chubut > Punta Delgada

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"A bustling capital with nine-islands to explore"

Ponta Delgada is a string of nine-island that offers too many things to do an explore. It's is indeed known as one of the world's great adventure tourism destinations. From the scenic Harbor Front to deep underground visit to Gruta do Carvão, every island has a different experience to offer every kind of traveller.

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Punta Delgada, Argentina

Punta Delgada is a locality and tourist resort on the Valdes Peninsula in Viedma Department in the north of the province of Chubut, Argentina. It is situated on the Golfo Nuevo.

The main attractions are a colony of elephant seals and an active lighthouse built in the 1905. The buildings around the lighthouse have been converted into a hotel and restaurant, to accommodate visitors to the area. The 14-metre-high cast-iron lighthouse tower contains a Fresnel lens, which emits a pattern of three white flashes every twenty-five seconds.


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