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  Point Lobos  
(Monterey County, California)
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"The best coastal tops with scenic views"

Nature preserve with amazing views and trails to hidden coves. The trails were very scenic and we enjoyed our travel here. We saw whales and sea lions also took our binoculars along for some bird watching. Truly a treasured gem of a place. This spectacular hiking spot is not to be missed!

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Point Lobos

Point Lobos is the common name for the area including Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and two adjoining marine protected areas: Point Lobos State Marine Reserve and Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Area . Point Lobos is just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States, at the north end of the Big Sur coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Point Lobos contains a number of hiking trails, many next to the ocean, and a smaller number of beaches. It is the site of a historic marine reserve, which was expanded in 2007. It is also the home to a museum on whaling, which includes a historic building once used by area fishermen. The longstanding wildlife protection and scenic seascape have led to Point Lobos' reputation as an unparalleled local recreational scuba diving destination. The park's origins are owed to engineer Alexander Allan, who purchased a large parcel of land in 1933 to prevent it from being developed. It was to be subdivided into 1,000 lots under the name of "Carmelito".


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