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  Lago del Desierto  
(Lago Argentino Department, Santa Cruz Province)
Argentina > Santa Cruz > Lago del Desierto

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"The lake, the mountains, the woods, everything so scenic! "

Known as the Lake of the Desert showcases one of the most beautiful waterfalls amongst the bushes. Along the way, you'll also fall in love with the Fitz Roy glacier and the wooden bridges that add to the beauty of this place. The location looked more like a fairytale than anything else.

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Desert Lake, Argentina

The Desert lake is an Argentine lake, located in the Santa Cruz Province. The lake, located near the Fitz Roy mount and the O'Higgins/San Martín Lake, has been the subject of a territorial dispute between Argentina and Chile, escalating to a small battle on 6 November 1965 when 40 to 90 members of the Argentine Gendarmerie fought against four Chilean Carabineros resulting in one lieutenant killed and a sergeant injured, both members of Carabineros, the dispute was solved favourably for Argentina in 1994. The lake is called "Lago del Desierto" in Argentina and "Laguna del Desierto" in Chile.


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