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  Museu Histórico Nacional  
(Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)
Brazil > Rio de Janeiro > Rio de Janeiro > Museu Histórico Nacional

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"Must Visit "

This is a really nice place to visit if the visitor want to get away from the hackneyed places most tourists visit. The museum offers meaningful relics to observe and to learn about Brazilian history. Objects are well-preserved and explanations are crystal clear.

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National Historical Museum (Brazil)

The National Historical Museum of Brazil , was created in 1922, and possesses over 287,000 items, including the largest numismatic collection of Latin America. The architectural complex that houses the museum was built in 1603 as the St James of Mercy Fort; earlier structures date back to 1567, erected by order of King Sebastian I of Portugal. In 1693, the Calaboose Prison, for slaves, was built. In 1762, the Casa do Trem was added as a depot of weapons and ammunition. The last additions are the War Arsenal and the Barracks .


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