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  Palácio do Catete: Museu da República  
(Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)
Brazil > Rio de Janeiro > Rio de Janeiro > Palácio do Catete: Museu da República

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"Fabulous "

Easy to visit, it is in front of a subway station and in many bus lines routes. Museum of first presidential official home and presidential Headquarters. Interesting architecture and design from the early 1900's. The pleasant park is as good as the museum itself. Go for a picnic, a museum visit or both, it worth the time.

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Catete Palace

The Catete Palace ">[paˈlasju du kaˈtetʃi]) is an urban mansion in Rio de Janeiro's Catete neighborhood. The property stretches from Rua do Catete to Praia do Flamengo . Construction began in 1858 and ended in 1867. From 1894 to 1960, it was Brazil's presidential palace and the site of Getúlio Vargas' suicide. It now houses the Museu da República and a theatre. The Catete underground rail station is adjacent.


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