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  Ibirapuera Park  
(São Paulo, São Paulo)
Brazil > São Paulo > Sao Paulo > Ibirapuera Park

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"Wonderful Place "

The delights anyone can check in Sao Paulo. This is one of the most cheerful places to plan a nice picnic day, maybe even a cycling day. Wanna go for leisure? Be my guest! The park that embraces us all. Obviously you might wanna consider calling some friends with you to ride a 3 seats bike

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Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is a major urban park in São Paulo, Brazil. It has a large area for leisure, jogging and walking, as well a vivid cultural scene with museums and a music hall. Its importance to São Paulo is often comparable to that of Central Park to New York City, Golden Gate Park to San Francisco, or Ueno Park to Tokyo. Ibirapuera is one of Latin America's largest city parks, together with Chapultepec Park in Mexico City and Simón Bolívar Park in Bogota.


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