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  Instituto Butantan  
(São Paulo, São Paulo)
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"Simply Amazing "

Lovely place to visit and walk with the kids. To visit the museums you have to pay a small fee which is well worth it. Much knowledge and information, besides collaborating with this project that only saves lives. Must Visit!

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Instituto Butantan

Instituto Butantan is a Brazilian biologic research center affiliated to the São Paulo State Secretary of Health. Considered one of the major scientific centers in the world, Butantan is the largest immunobiologicals and biopharmaceuticals producer in Latin America . It is world-renowned for its collection of poisonous snakes, including as well venomous lizards, spiders, insects and scorpions. By extracting the reptiles and insects' poisons, the Institute develops vaccines against many diseases, which include tuberculosis, rabies, tetanus and diphtheria. The center also produces antidotes to the bites of poisonous animals.


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