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  Palácio Rio Negro  
(Manaus, Amazonas)
Brazil > Amazonas > Manaus > Palácio Rio Negro

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"Wonderful Place "

A historical and cultural heritage of the city of Manaus, the place is beautiful and super enveloping, I'm a photographer and when couples ask me for a place to do photo essay the palace is always in the first names of the list, and the result you can check in the pictures!

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Palácio Rio Negro (Manaus)

The Palácio Rio Negro in Manaus, Brazil, is a former seat of government and residence of the governor of the state of Amazonas. The original name was Scholz Palace, built by the German entrepreneur Karl Waldemar Scholz, who was considered to be a "Rubber Baron". The name was changed to Palácio Rio Negro in 1918 when the palace was purchased by the governor of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, Pedro de Alcântara Bacellar.


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