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  Ubajara National Park  
(Tianguá, Ceará)
Brazil > Ceará > Ubajara National Park

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"Great Structure "

Wonderful the park. With attractions of different levels of difficulty. Great place to take family and kids. There are trails of very light level and heavy level, which is the case of the trail to the grotto of Ubajara. Around 14 km round trip in 7 hours. In the itinerary are included Belvedere Gameleira and cafundó waterfall, great for bathing and also walking inside the grotto. I recommend!

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Ubajara National Park

The Ubajara National Park (Portuguese: Parque Nacional de Ubajara} is a national park in the state of Ceará, Brazil. It is the smallest of the 35 national parks of Brazil and is known for the Ubajara grotto.


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