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  Nahuelbuta National Park  
(Malleco Province, Araucania)
Chile > La Araucanía > Nahuelbuta National Park

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"Stunning Forest"

Such a great experience, I am so glad that we went there... Next time, I'd rent a Jeep or something like that, cause our Peugeot 208 didn't look that nice after driving for like 4 hours through that area, but after all, the view from top of the stone was worth it

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Nahuelbuta National Park

Nahuelbuta National Park ">[nawelˈβuta]) is one of the few parks located in La Araucanía Region of Chile's Coastal Mountain Range. It sits atop the highest part of the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta. Created in 1939, it consists of 6,832 hectares situated just 162 km northeast of Temuco. Nahuelbuta is a sanctuary for Monkey Puzzle trees, with specimens dating back 2,000 years.


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