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  Instituto Ricardo Brennand  
(Recife, Pernambuco)
Brazil > Pernambuco > Recife > Instituto Ricardo Brennand

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"Very Interesting "

This place is incredibly beautiful and well kept. The weapon museum is rich in articles being displayed and the exhibitions are also pretty rich, talking about the colonial and Northeast. Amazing place to go to see the museum or even only for a walk

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Ricardo Brennand Institute

The Ricardo Brennand Institute is a cultural institution located in the city of Recife, Brazil. It is a not-for-profit private organization, inaugurated in 2002 by the Brazilian collector and businessman Ricardo Brennand. It comprises a museum, an art gallery, a library and a large park.

The Institute holds a permanent collection of historic and artistic objects of diversified provenience, ranging from Early Middle Ages to 20th century, with strong emphasis in objects, documents and artwork related to Colonial and Dutch Brazil, including the world's largest assemblage of paintings by Frans Post.

The Institute also houses one of the largest collections of armory in the world, with 3,000 pieces, the majority of which were produced in Europe and Asia between the 14th and 19th centuries. The library has over 62 thousand volumes, ranging from 16th to 20th century, including a collection of brasiliana and other rare items.


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