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  Worth Avenue  
(Palm Beach County, Florida)
United States of America > Florida > West Palm Beach > Worth Avenue

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"Calling all shopaholics! "

If you are in town craving for some last minute shopping, this is an upscale shopping district you must pay a visit to. The whole place feels like a vintage shopping street, so architecturally beautiful that we took more pictures that we shopped. There were some high scale brands like Giorgio Armani, Neiman Marcus, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. if you would like to splurge.

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Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue is an upscale shopping district in Palm Beach, Florida. The Avenue stretches four blocks from Lake Worth to the Atlantic Ocean. Worth Avenue also includes smaller, architecturally significant "vias" off the main avenue. These pedestrian areas distinguish Worth Avenue from other shopping streets.


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