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  San Pietro di Sorres  
(Provincia di Sassari, Sardegna)
Italy > Sassari > San Pietro di Sorres

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"Nice Place "

Benedictine monastery with 8 monks in operation. Church in the Pisan black bands on a white background. Entrance only church 4 euros and with museum 6 euros. Somehow, then came a leader and wanted to show us on bending and breaking something. Apse from outside and view of the surrounding area. Not very understandable. Church as a building remains in good memory.

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San Pietro di Sorres

San Pietro di Sorres is a former cathedral church , now a Benedictine monastery, in Borutta, a village in the province of Sassari, northern Sardinia, Italy. Built in Pisan Romanesque style during the 12th-13th centuries, it was the seat of the now disappeared diocese of Sorres until 1505. Since 1950 the church and the annexed monastery have housed a community of Benedictine monks.

The church is located at the top of a volcanic hill in the so-called Meilogu region.


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