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  La Cattedrale di Sant'Antonio Abate  
(Provincia di Sassari, Sardegna)
Italy > Sassari > La Cattedrale di Sant'Antonio Abate

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"Stunning View and Beautiful Interior"

It is located in Castelsardo which is considered to be one of the most picturesque villages in northern Sardinia. Overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the view from the church is simply breathtaking. The interior is so interesting and peaceful that it calms the eyes and mind alike.

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Castelsardo Cathedral

Castelsardo Cathedral is a cathedral in Castelsardo, northern Sardinia, Italy, dedicated to Saint Anthony the Great. It became the seat of the bishop of Ampurias in 1503. In 1839 the diocese of Ampurias was merged into that of Tempio, and the episcopal seat moved to Tempio Cathedral, when that of Castelsardo became a co-cathedral, as it remains in the present diocese of Tempio-Ampurias.


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