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  Area Archeologica del Monte Tiscali  
(Province of Nuoro, Sardinia)
Italy > Nuoro > Area Archeologica del Monte Tiscali

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"Wonderful Views "

Amazing place. The hike for going to this point is medium level. And need 1h30. Attention because on one point the track turn left at the first viewpoint. 5 euros for visiting the site. Still an interesting climb and site.

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Tiscali (village)

Tiscali Village is an archaeological site situated in Sardinia, in the comune of Dorgali.

It is situated within a large cave in Monte Tiscali. It consists of the remains of a number of round dwellings dating from the first millennium BC.

The site was re-discovered a little over a century ago and was first documented by the Italian historian Ettore Pais in 1910 and then in greater detail by Antonio Taramelli in 1927. There was a short excavation campaign in 2000 by the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici per le Provincie di Sassari e Nuoro.

Telecommunications company Tiscali took its name from the site.


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