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  Stroll on 125 Street (renamed Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard)  
(Bronx County, New York)
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"From iconic buildings to good food, there's so much here! "

125th Street in Manhattan is actually the heart of Harlem. There ae so many attractions to explore in the neighborhood. From iconic buildings to a chain of restaurants and stores, we enjoyed every bit of our stroll on the 12th street. If you are too tired of taking a walk, you could also opt for a bus tour.

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125th Street (Manhattan)

125th Street is a two-way street that runs east–west in the New York City borough of Manhattan, from First Avenue on the east to Marginal Street, a service road for the Henry Hudson Parkway along the Hudson River in the west. It is often considered to be the "Main Street" of Harlem, and is co-named Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

Notable buildings along 125th Street include the Apollo Theater, the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, the Hotel Theresa, the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Mount Morris Bank Building, the Harlem Children's Zone, the Church of St. Joseph of the Holy Family, and the former West End Theatre, now home to the La Gree Baptist Church.


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