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  Piazza Pretoria  
(Provincia di Palermo, Sicilia)
Italy > Palermo > Palermo > Piazza Pretoria

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"A beautiful fountain with marble sculptures and fountains"

Surrounded by historical buildings like the Church of St Catherine, Praetorian palace and two baronial Palazzo, this stunning fountain with massive marble sculptures is a popular touristic spot in town. We stopped by to click a few pictures and one of the best gelato. This is one of the main attractions here and a visit is highly recommended.

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Piazza Pretoria

Piazza Pretoria, also known as square of Shame, is at the limits of the district of Kalsa, near the corner of Cassaro with Via Maqueda, just a few meters from the Quattro Canti, the exact center of the historic city of Palermo .


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