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  Piazza Bellini  
(Provincia di Palermo, Sicilia)
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In every journey there is always a place that remains in your heart and that you continue to visit, maybe doing so to pass even if directed somewhere else. This place in Palermo for me is Piazza Bellini, three Churches La Martorana, San Donato, Santa Caterina so different yet so beautiful to take your breath away.

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Piazza Bellini, Palermo

Piazza Bellini is a square of Palermo. It is located in the heart of the city, near the central Via Maqueda and Piazza Pretoria, in the quarter of the Kalsa, within the historic centre of Palermo.

In its perimeter are located two buildings dating back to the era of Norman Sicily: the churches of Martorana and San Cataldo . In the square are also located the Baroque church of Santa Caterina, the Bellini Theatre and the posterior facade of Palazzo Pretorio, headquarters of the Comune of Palermo. Moreover, in the square some ruins of Punic walls are visible. Near the square, in Via Maqueda, has its location the Faculty of Jurisprudence.


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