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  Lake Martin  
(St. Martin Parish, Louisiana)
United States of America > Louisiana > Lafayette > Lake Martin

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"Hiking, fishing and so much more at this scenic lake"

A visit to the scenic Lake Martin was an amazing experience. We enjoyed fishing and boating in the lake. It was one of the nicest and cleanest Lake in Alabama. The lake has a huge coastline to explore. There were trails and crossroads for those who love hiking. A must-visit!

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Lake Martin, Louisiana

Lake Martin, located in St. Martin Parish, is a wildlife preserve and one of Louisiana's swamplands. The swamplands are home to a few trails as well as many different kinds of animals such as herons, egrets, ibis, bullfrogs, cottonmouths, alligators, and coypu rats. Despite its classification as a wildlife reserve, however, there have been minor problems with litter and vandalism.


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