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  Wheat Street Baptist Church  
(Fulton County, Georgia)
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"A great place of worship! "

This is another historical site that was an important part of Dr. King's life. It is a great place of worship and played a great role in the Civil Rights Movement back in the days. If you are a fan of Dr. King's work, we suggest you pay a visit to the place and hear all the stories of his fight and leadership.

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Wheat Street Baptist Church

Wheat Street Baptist Church is located at 359 Auburn Ave. in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The building is part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic District; the church and its leader at the time, Rev. William Holmes Borders, played a leading role in the Civil Rights Movement. The congregation dates back to 1869, with the present building dating from 1921. From 1898-1929, Rev. P. James Bryant served as pastor.


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