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(Shelby County, Tennessee)
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"For museum lovers! "

If you are a museum person like us while traveling, then this historic Cotton Museum is a great place to include in your travel itinerary. For only about $10, you get to learn more about Memphis and U.S. history, interesting display, enjoy interactive displays and so much more of cotton products.

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The Cotton Museum

The Cotton Museum, located in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., is an historical and cultural museum that opened in March 2006 on the former trading floor of the Memphis Cotton Exchange at 65 Union Avenue in downtown Memphis.

The mission of the Cotton Museum is to share the story of the cotton industry and its many influences on the daily life, arts, and the development of the mid-South region. The museum highlights artifacts through interpretive exhibits, educational programs, and research archives that help tell the story of cotton and cotton trading, from crop to becoming fabric.

The Cotton Museum preserves the history of the cotton business and its impact on economics, history, society and culture, and science and technology. The museum's exhibits are appropriate for field trips for middle schoolers and older, and provide visitors context for other attractions in the city.


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