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  Cave di Cusa  
(Province of Trapani, Sicily)
Italy > Trapani > Cave di Cusa

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"Photographer's Paradise"

Cave di Cusa is a stone quarry in a wide field. It is a peaceful place, and provided us with a very tranquil experience. A literal photographer's paradise, be sure to bring our camera with you. Otherwise you will be kicking yourself.

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Cave di Cusa

Cave di Cusa or Rocche di Cusa was an ancient stone quarry in Sicily. It is located 3 kilometers south of the town Campobello di Mazara in the province of Trapani, Italy. It is 1.8 kilometer long and is on a ridge that spans from east to west. This site was quarried beginning in the first half of the 6th century BC and its stone was used to construct the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte. It was abandoned in 409 BC when the city was captured by the Carthaginians. It is now an official Sicilian Archeological Zone and a popular tourist site.


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