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  Jameson Experience, Midleton  
(Cork, County Cork)
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"Fascinating Whiskey Museum"

Visit of the Jameson Experience is like taking a leap through history. Stepping into the door takes you back in time—carts are stacked high with sacks of grain, and you can smell the odor of the malted barley getting dried in closed kilns. You will be narrated the captivating story behind the formulation of one of the most popular Irish whiskeys in the world. One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in East Cork, the Jameson Experience is quite worth a visit.

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Jameson Experience, Midleton

The Jameson Experience, Midleton, is an Irish whiskey museum and visitor centre located in the Old Midleton Distillery in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. Set over 15 acres, since opening as a visitor's centre in 1992, the old distillery has received approximately 100,000 guests per year, receiving 125,000 in 2015.

The Old Midleton Distillery in which the Jameson Experience is located began life as a woollen mill, before being converted to a military barracks and subsequently a distillery in 1825. The distillery operated until 1975, when a new distillery was constructed alongside it to house the consolidated operations of three former whiskey-making rivals, John Jameson & Son, John Powers & Son, and Cork Distilleries Company , who had come together to form Irish Distillers in 1966. It now houses a visitor centre, a restaurant, and a gift shop.

As of January 2017, adult tickets cost €18 and include a Jameson Signature Drink. Tours take approximately 75 minutes and are scheduled according to the season.


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