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  Jagdish Temple  
(Udaipur, Rajasthan)
India > Rajasthan > Udaipur > Jagdish Temple

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"A major tourist attraction in Udaipur"

Dedicated to Hindu Lord Vishnu and the largest temple in of the city the Jagdish temple is a major tourist attraction of Udaipur. The imposing statues of elephants at the entrance fascinate the visitors. The temple is flamboyantly decorated with beautifully engraved pillars and colourful ceilings. The spire of the temple is staggering 79-feet high and dominates the skyline of the city.

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Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

Jagdish Temple is a large Hindu temple in the middle of Udaipur in Rajasthan. A big tourist attraction, the temple was originally called the temple of Jagannath Rai but is now called Jagdish-ji. It is a major monument in Udaipur.


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