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  Monastery of Fitero  
(Navarra, Navarra)
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"Brilliant Views"

Monastic set of large size where part of the old rooms are occupied by modern municipal facilities. To emphasize the magnificent chapter house and the apse and the apsidioles of the church. Recently restored, there are very interesting guided tours and you can see the church, the cloister and other dependencies.

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Monastery of Fitero

The Monastery of Fitero is a Cistercian monastery located at Fitero, Navarre, Spain, on the banks of the Alhama River.

It was founded, on a different site, in 1141 as part of the Cistercian expansion into Spain from the center at Escaladieu Abbey, and moved to Fitero in 1152. Durand was its first abbot, followed by St. Raymond of Fitero, who later founded the Order of Calatrava.

The floor plan of the church is similar to that in the monasteries of Clairvaux and Pontigny, a Latin cross plan with three naves, the ambulatory sanctuary with five side chapels.


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