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  Cathedral of San Salvador of Oviedo   
(Asturias, Principado de Asturias)
Spain > Asturias > Oviedo > Cathedral of San Salvador of Oviedo

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"The best Spain ever.."

thats quit an achievement when you are leading a large guest list...a great over view of spain .the pace is fast .up and out early every day but plenty of free time built in... lots of walking , stairs and standing . mobility and the ability to keep up with the group are a must..lovely trip..

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Oviedo Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Saviour or Cathedral of San Salvador is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica in the centre of Oviedo, in the Asturias region of northern Spain.

The Cathedral of San Salvador of Oviedo today displays an array of architectural styles, from Pre-Romanesque to Baroque, including Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance parts. It began as a large Pre-Romanesque basilica in the present location of the Gothic cathedral, but nothing more is known about that first building, built by order of King Alfonso II of Asturias.


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