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  Monastery de San Salvador de Cornellana  
(Asturias, Principado de Asturias)
Spain > Asturias > Monastery de San Salvador de Cornellana

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"Ruins of the abandoned monastery"

An architectural wonder that is almost 1000 years old, not too well maintained. A historic monastery church with interesting frescoes. This is also one of the best hostels at the St. James and has a welcoming restaurant catering mostly to the pilgrims.

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Monasterio de San Salvador (Cornellana)

Monasterio de San Salvador in Cornellana is a monastery located in Cornellana, municipality of Salas in Asturias, Spain.

Consisting of several Romanesque style buildings which started to be built in the 11th century, the monastery was founded by infanta Cristina Bermúdez, daughter of Bermudo II of León and his first wife Queen Velasquita Ramírez. She founded the monastery in 1024 after the death of her husband, infante Ordoño Ramírez "the Blind", son of Ramiro III of León and his wife Sancha Gómez. Cristina lived in the monastery as a nun and was buried there.

After her death, the monastery was divided among her heirs, her sons and daughters; Alfonso, Aldonza, Ordoño, and Pelaya Ordóñez. A great-grandson of Cristina, the powerful Count Suero Vermúdez in 1120 donated the monastery to the Abbey of Cluny and then to the Cathedral of Oviedo.


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