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(Cork, County Cork)
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"A satisfying day exploring the islands of Bere"

Pristine waters, charming landscapes, friendly locals and great eateries. Bere Island located in West Cork has been voted as the tidiest Island in Ireland. Quiet and isolated island with not many tourists, if you enjoy hiking and biking as we do, then this is the place to be. Another one of our favourite recommendations is the Bakehouse cafe for their pastries and cakes.

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Bere Island

Bere Island Irish: Oiléan Béarra, meaning "bear island", although officially called An tOileán Mór meaning "the big island") is an island off the Beara Peninsula in County Cork Ireland. It is roughly 10 km x 3 km in dimension, with an area of 17.68 km², and, as of 2012, has a population of between 210 and 220 people.

Legend says that the island was named by a 2nd-century king of Munster, Mogh Nuadat, in honour of his wife, Beara, the daughter of Heber Mór, King of Castile.


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