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  Ahu Tahai  
(Isla de Pascua, Valparaiso Region)
Chile > Valparaíso > Ahu Tahai

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"A Sunset Worth Every Penny"

While you can enjoy this destination any time of the day, the most pleasant is during the afternoon where you can witness the wide blue sky touching the horizon. Just be sure to pack a hat and some sunscreen and you're good to go. The sunset is one of the most peaceful I've ever experienced and it almost appears to be a real life Windows desktop background.

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Ahu Tahai

The Tahai Ceremonial Complex is an archaeological site on Rapa Nui in Chilean Polynesia. Restored in 1974 by the late Dr. William Mulloy, an American archaeologist, Tahai comprises three principal ahu from north to south: Ko Te Riku , Tahai, and Vai Ure. Visible in the distance from Tahai are two restored ahu at Hanga Kio'e, projects that Mulloy undertook in 1972. Like other Mulloy restoration projects at Ahu Akivi, the ceremonial village of Orongo and Vinapu, the ceremonial center at Tahai now constitutes an integral part of the Rapa Nui National Park, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

William Mulloy and Emily Ross Mulloy are buried at Tahai.


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