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  Ahu Akivi  
(Isla de Pascua, Valparaiso Region)
Chile > Valparaíso > Ahu Akivi

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"An Iconic Sight with a Breathtaking View"

The seven moai statues are present here in all their glory and the view is beautiful. We walked around the statues and observed them up close and they appeared extremely intimidating. The clear blue skies with a hint of wind were the perfect weather combination for the day. The best time to visit and take pictures is during the sunset, which is when the setting sun flashes the seven statues and highlights all their features.

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Ahu Akivi

Ahu Akivi is a particular sacred place in Rapa Nui in the Valparaíso Region of Chile, looking out towards the Pacific Ocean. The site has seven moai, all of equal shape and size, and is also known as a celestial observatory that was set up around the 16th century. The site is located inland, rather than along the coast. Moai statues were considered by the early people of Rapa Nui as their ancestors or Tupuna that were believed to be the reincarnation of important kings or leaders of their clans. The Moais were erected to protect and bring posperity to their clan and village.

A particular feature of the seven identical moai statues is that they exactly face sunset during the Spring Equinox and have their backs to the sunrise during the Autumn Equinox. Such an astronomically precise feature is seen only at this location on the island.


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