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  Villa Carlotta, villa & botanical garden  
(Provincia di Como, Lombardia)
Italy > Como > Villa Carlotta, villa & botanical garden

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"A beautiful villa, a relaxing walk and the amazing displays"

A gorgeous Italian villa set in the background of the Lake Como and the mountains are famous for their magnificent botanic garden and art masterpieces. Perfect for an early morning stroll. Set in a picturesque location, everything looks like a dream. Beautiful, away from the humdrum of our regular life, this location was truly mesmerizing.

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Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is a villa and botanical garden in Tremezzo on Lake Como in Northern Italy. The villa is today a museum, whose art collection includes works by Canova, Thorvaldsen, Migliara and Hayez in addition to pieces of furniture from the time of the various owners.


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