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If you are looking for a place with great adventure and a place which most tourists dream of visiting, then there is nothing better than the La Guajira Desert. There are plenty of coal reserves in this area as well. Being in this desert, you can also have a chance of visiting The National Natural Park of Macuira.

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La Guajira Desert

La Guajira Desert is located in the northernmost part of Colombia, 1,100 km north of Bogota, in the La Guajira Department, covering most of La Guajira Peninsula including Venezuelan territory. The area holds immense coal reserves, exploited in a zone known as El Cerrejon. The area is also home to the indigenous Wayuu people. The Wayuu are mostly herders. They also are master deep sea divers. They dive to collect pearls. There is also a variety of desert flora and fauna.

The National Natural Park of Macuira is located in the La Guajira Desert and is a tropical oasis. It has been a national park since 1977. The park covers 25,000 hectares in La Guiajira’s only mountain chain, and ranges in altitude from 0 to 450 metres . It has a warm climate of about 27 °C .


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