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  Isla de Providencia  
(Providencia, San Andrés and Providencia)
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"Undamaged and Unpopulated"

This is one of the best islands in Colombia. It is the Carribean Island which we see in films. The best thing is it is not populated as it is pretty tough to reach the island. If you ever been to this place, don't miss the blue lagoon. The atmosphere is pretty calm and cozy. The water changes color and is also known as the sea of thousand colors.

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Isla de Providencia

Isla de Providencia or Old Providence is a mountainous Caribbean island part of the Colombian department of Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina and the municipality of Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands, lying midway between Costa Rica and Jamaica. Providencia's maximum elevation is 360 m above sea level. The smaller Santa Catalina Island is connected by a 100-metre footbridge to its larger sister Providencia Island. The island is served by El Embrujo Airport.

The island was the site of an English Puritan colony established in 1629 by the Providence Island Company, and was briefly taken by Spain in 1641. The pirate Henry Morgan used Providencia as a base for raiding the Spanish empire, and rumours suggest that much of his treasure remains hidden on the island. Many parts of the island are named after Morgan. Forts and cannons dating back hundreds of years can be found scattered all over Santa Catalina Island.


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