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  Los Nevados Park  
(Herveo, Tolima)
Colombia > Tolima > Los Nevados Park

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"A Must Visit Park "

Guides in this place are great and it is a plus if you know some Spanish. Normally, there is no snow in this place but if you are lucky enough to see it, the mountains will give you an unforgettable view. The temperature here is low, so prepare yourself accordingly.

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Los Nevados National Natural Park

Los Nevados National Natural Park is a national park located in the Cordillera Central of the Colombian Andes. The 5,300-metre-high volcano Nevado del Ruiz dominates Los Nevados. Out of the 55 protected areas in Colombia, Los Nevados National Natural Park was the third most visited in 2009, with 50,045 visitors. The most visited was the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park followed by the Tayrona National Natural Park.


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