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  The Paramos of Lake Tota  
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"A Must Visit Lake"

The lake is surrounded by stunning views and has a decent walkaround as well. If you are in Sogamoso, it is pretty easy to go here. The water of this lake is very clean and cold. However, you will feel onion smell around the lake as it is surrounded by the fields of onion.

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Lake Tota

Lake Tota , the largest lake in Colombia, located in the east of Boyacá department, inside the Sugamuxi Province[1], it is the source of the Upia River which flows into the Orinoco River basin.

The major town on the lake is Aquitania, located on its eastern side. Other nearby villages include Tota, Iza and Cuítiva.

Lake Tota was an important religious center for the Muisca culture. The name Tota comes from the Chibcha language of the Muisca and according to linguist Mariana Escribano its main name refers to "Astronomic Observatory", relating to its sacred uses for that culture. There are legends which relate to the way the lake was formed by the hands of ancient ancestors.

The area around Lake Tota is one of the major onion producing regions of Colombia. The western shore of the lake is a popular tourist destination for Colombians.

The average water temperature of 13 °C allowed for the introduction of rainbow trout which created a valuable wild fishery and cage culture aquaculture, but predation on native fish species as led to the now accepted extinction of the pez graso or grease fish believed native to only this lake.

Lake Tota is a breeding ground for several threatened or endangered bird species, including the least bittern , the Colombian ruddy duck , the Bogotá rail and Apolinar's wren . The last confirmed sighting of the Colombian grebe , now considered to be extinct, was at Lake Tota.


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