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  Valley Cocora - Salento  
(Salento, Quindío)
Colombia > Quindío > Valley Cocora - Salento

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"A Delightful View"

The name of this valley is based on the name of "Cocora" who was a daughter of that time Chief. The valley is one of the most visited places in Colombia. This place is a heaven for hiking lovers. The valley also surrounds a national park which adds to its value. Other notable activities include mountain biking, rafting, and swimming.

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Cocora Valley

The Cocora valley is a valley in the department of Quindío in the country of Colombia. It is located in the Central Cordillera of the Andean mountains. "Cocora" was the name of a Quimbayan princess, daughter of the local chief Acaime, and means "star of water" . The valley is part of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, incorporated into the existing national park by the Colombian government in 1985. It is the principal location of the national tree and symbol of Colombia, the Quindío wax palm , as well as a wide variety of other flora and fauna , all of which are protected under the park's national status.


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