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"A fantastic view on Bogota"

Pick a nice and clear day to enjoy the fantastic view on gigantic Bogota (and the mountains around) from the top of the hill. It is very crowded during the weekend. A cable car brings you to the top. Once you are at the top, there is some little walk to do to go around, but nothing difficult. You can find a lot of small shops, mostly for tourists and affordable snack bars. There is also a chic restaurant with an amazing view, but a little bit expensive for the food which is offered. A must-go if you stay a few days in Bogota.

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Monserrate is a mountain that dominates the city center of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. It rises to 3,152 metres above the sea level, where there is a church with a shrine, devoted to El Señor Caído .

The hill, already considered sacred in pre-Columbian times when the area was inhabited by the indigenous Muisca, is a pilgrim destination, as well as a major tourist attraction. In addition to the church, the summit contains restaurants, cafeteria, souvenir shops and many smaller tourist facilities. Monserrate can be accessed by aerial tramway, a funicular or by climbing, the preferred way of pilgrims. The climbing route, however, had been indefinitely closed due to drought, and the associated wildfires and landslides. It was reopened in 2017.

All downtown Bogotá, south Bogotá and some sections of the north of the city are visible facing west, making it a popular destination to watch the sunset over the city. Every year, Monserrate and its neighbour Guadalupe attract many tourists.


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