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"A beautiful and peaceful colonial village near the center of Bogota"

I always stay in Usaquen when I am coming to Bogota for a visit. This little village nearby the center takes you out of the crowded/tiring city. You can wander in the old and peaceful colonial streets, have a break on the small central square, chill out in the trendy but affordable bars and restaurants. During the week-end, it is a great place to shop for local handcraft, listen music and discover Colombian food specialties. Clearly a must-go if you stay more than a day in Bogota. And a good place to locate your hotel/airbnb.

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Usaquén is a residential and commercial locality in northeastern Bogotá, capital of Colombia. It is designated as Bogotá's #1 locality, while being a separate municipality of Cundinamarca until 1954, when it was annexed into the city. Today, Usaquén is home to more than 480,000 inhabitants as projected by 2008. The Eastern Hills form the natural border to the east.


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